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Our Story

Vladimir Vilkhovoy - Sigma Mattress

The Sigma Mattress Company. How did it all begin, you're wondering? From a Ukrainian-born immigrant - Alex Pavlenko! That's right. Mr. Pavlenko immigrated from Ukraine in 1989 in hopes for a better life in the United States. With USSR just falling apart and Ukraine becoming an independent country, times were tough and Alex's life was tougher. Being just 23 years old, Pavlenko was ambitious and eager to work hard. By recommendations of a friend, he got his first job at a mattress factory where he made himself a career out of for 20 years. He was the hardest-worker anyone knew. Learning the industry through decades he invested, the luxurious mattress was not something everyone could afford. Even though it was something people spend half their life on, not everyone finds the courage to invest into a good one. Quite frankly, he understood why - they were expensive. in 2008, Alex left a high-paying position at a mattress factory to start his own. He had only one goal in mind: Hand make an amazing mattress that anyone could afford and understand what it means to sleep luxuriously. Since then, everything changed. Alex Pavlenko grew as an icon in his community, offering the "most amazing mattress anyone has slept on" and his reputation exploded solely by the word of mouth. With countless secret inventions in his small garage shop, Alex innovated day after day to perfect the most comfortable mattress on the market, beating the competitors in quality and price. Something that is unheard of. Many customers claimed complete cure of their back pain and more.

As years gone by, the success of Alex Pavlenko was no longer that important. His family was. Becoming a grandfather, Alex decided to retire and spend more time with his grandkids. The business was acquired by a good friend and young Ukrainian entrepreneur, Vladimir Vilkhovoy. 

About Vladimir Vilkhovoy

Vladimir comes from a missionary family. With Ukraine being a very poor country generally, many children are left to be orphans or simply lack the basics. Vladimir’s father Ivan Vilkhovoy dedicated his life to serve others and for all the years Vladimir was in America, he made it his mission to give back financially to the ministry. His blessings are reaped daily, but this does not let him forget the helping hand. God remains to be the primary focus in Vladimir's life and this business is no different. A portion of all profits are donated to the poor.