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Organic Latex Handmade Sigma Mattress


The Ultimate: 100% Organic & Natural Latex Sigma Mattress that is handmade to your preference. Featuring everything that's inside a Classic Sigma mattress, including the world-renowned pocketed coils, but finished in something that's best for the earth and your health: All Natural Latex, 100% Organic Wool & 100% Organic Cotton.

Certified Organic

We decided to stop at no expense and cut 0 corners when it came to sourcing certified organic materials. Yes, it's a lot more expensive, but paired with the technology the mattress is made from, you are investing into better sleep that is still a fraction of what any competitor will try to charge. Go ahead and do your research, we'll wait! ;) 

Individual Pocketed Coils

Arranged throughout the mattress, individual pocketed coils provide unmatchable support, comfort and longevity that no competitor can provide for the price we do. They're durable and dynamic, which means as your body moves, the motion is seamless and you can naturally dream in comfort. 

Hand Layered

From the base, to the pocketed coils, to the latex, the wool and the padding your mattress is wrapped in, all done by hand. Layers and layers sewed with love. 

No Toxins

Breathable organic that is naturally sourced is your life. The combined years you spend sleeping - let it be without bad toxins that your body absorbs. Our organic mattress is not only the best-in-class when it comes to the manufacturing process, but the materials are just that good. You'll feel the difference immediately. 

The mattress that is sure to impress every time you're ready for sleep!

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