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Classic Handmade Sigma Mattress


The Classic Handmade Sigma Mattress is our longest running & lasting mattress that started it all! Featuring individual pocketed coils that are not only durable, but extremely comfortable! With various foam pads tailored to your desired comfort, this is the perfect option for an amazing night's sleep without breaking the bank. Guaranteed to outlast the competition and make you fall in love along with the rest of the thousands of Sigma customers!

Individual Pocketed Coils

The only individually pocked coil mattress in this price range. The durable, minimal motion and most comfortable spring system in the industry with a price that no competitor can come close by. Our prices beat many foam mattresses, but use the most expensive materials available. 


Because Sigma Mattress is not your typical large corporation with factories all around the globe, our local business doesn't have crazy overhead forcing us to charge an arm and a leg for something you'll spend half of your life on. 

Portion of Profits Donated

Vladimir Vilkhovoy, the owner, comes from missionary parents that have dedicated their life to serving others: the widows, orphans and the poor. Through your business, you're taking part of this ministry as the owner donates a portion of all profits to help those in need.

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